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Bike MS City to Shore Logo Bike MS: City to Shore 2018-  September 29-30 2018
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September 29th and 30th


These are the dates of the 2018 MS City to Shore Bike Ride.


Over the years, this has been a main-stay in the HAM community Public Service Events.  We have been supporting this event for over 30 years, and although the number of volunteers has gone up and down, we have been growing over the past few years and had 127 HAM volunteers last year.  The magic number to fully support this event is 150 HAMS.                         WE CAN DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!


The trust that the MS Society has in us to assist in the safety of both riders and volunteers is only topped by the gratitude that they have for the professional and essential operations that we provide in all facets of the event.  Our operations include not only Communications, but add to that Route Support, Command Support, SAG, Situation Teams, Transportation Support, Rest Area Operations, and our newest group, The Motorcycle HAMS.


Looking at this long list of areas, be confident that we always have a place for any volunteer that wants to join in, no matter how long they have been a HAM, from 1 week to 75 years.  We also utilize non-HAMS to support us.  So if you know someone, HAM or not, that you think might be interested, please pass this notice on.


To try and keep this short, attached please find a copy of the sign-up sheet, or you can sign up on-line at                  http://main.nationalmssociety.


Please check your calendars, and sign up early so that we can try to fill all requests for positions.  Remember, if you are bringing a significant other or family member to assist you, we need a sign-up form for them also.


As always, it is an HONOR to call myself a HAM and be a part of this elite group of people.  Make our hobby proud and volunteer today.


Joe DiBartolo (KC2SFB)