Membership Information

Membership is open to all licensed amateurs. There are three general classes of membership:

Regular Membership$25 per year.
Family Membership$25 plus $10 per additional member living in same household.
Student MembershipNo dues if under 17 years of age. (Initiation fee required.)
A one-time $8 initiation fee per member must be attached to each application.

Do not send annual dues with initiation fee; you will be invoiced at a prorata rate when your application is accepted.

For additional information, EMAIL Member INFO.

Click here to download the latest version of our membership application form.
(You'll need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view and print it.)

Steps In Becoming A Member:
1-Complete this application.
2-Bring completed form and initiation fee to a General Meeting to be recognized.
3-Notice of Application will be published in The Blurb.
4-Board of Directors will vote on Application.
5-New Member is sent dues invoice, and receives membership packet upon payment.