Field Day 2000
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Info2.jpg (39819 bytes) Phil-Mont's information table
Antfarm.jpg (44268 bytes) The antenna farm
CIRCLE.jpg (121348 bytes) Bill's new tower on the circle
Toweraok.jpg (36492 bytes) Where's that darn instruction book?
W3aok.jpg (35117 bytes) Here we go... stand back!
AOKU3ICPR.JPG (29710 bytes) Bill, Carl and Steve drawing straws to see who's going to be first at the lunch table.
lunch.jpg (39693 bytes)

Steve won!

aprs4.jpg (43538 bytes) APRS station
Atvcar2.jpg (25064 bytes) ATV setup
K3dtc.jpg (38101 bytes) Here comes Domenic and family.
K3dtc2.jpg (29336 bytes) Domenic and son at work.
Nspdbg.jpg (37323 bytes) Bill and Raoul at the 15-meter station.
Kb3dbg.jpg (28123 bytes) Raoul and 'AOK's daughter Amelia unloading an air mattress.
Kb3dxs.jpg (26203 bytes) Maggie on 6 and 2 meters
Kb3iv.jpg (18782 bytes) Ed hot wiring Steve's truck.
ke3qb.jpg (37598 bytes) Carmen and Carl working 20 meters.
Psk312.jpg (29085 bytes) WA3KIO's PSK31 station.
Pvodhi.jpg (39216 bytes) Carol and Rick behind the screen.
W3AYTKE3NP.JPG (39970 bytes) John and Fred on 75 meters.
W3rm3ui.jpg (37037 bytes) Henry and Dick on 40 CW.
realcook.jpg (42987 bytes) Joann and Steve taking a between meals break.
COMMANDPOST.JPG (42551 bytes) The command post

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